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Traffic Armour - 12 Deadly SEO Marketing Strategies

Product picture Traffic Armour - 12 Deadly SEO Marketing Strategies

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12 Deadly SEO Marketing Strategies That No One Talk About..

Reach The Upper Echelons In The Search Engines - And Market Your Business More Efficiently!

Here's exactly what the sequence of videos you'll get includes:

Video 1 - Introduction
To get you started I've covered precisely what the term SEO means and I take you through the content covered in my comprehensive video tutorial series.

Video 2 - Overview of Search Engines & Directories
Following on from the introductory video, I've gone through how search engines work and what the difference is between various search engines and directories.

Video 3 - Google
Video 3 in the series looks at the importance of Google - the 'grand-daddy' of all the search engines. I'll cover the basics of how Google works, helping you to gain more insight into why SEO is such a powerful marketing tool.

Video 4 - Rankings
It's essential to understand how ranks are determined, in order to boost your website's position in these rankings - and that's precisely what video 4 is about. I'll look at how to use keywords, on and off-site optimisation and linking to increase your position in the search engines. I'll also provide a short overview of what Google PageRank is.

Video 5 - Introduction to Keywords
Keywords are one of the cornerstones of successful search engine marketing. In video 5, I've covered what keywords are, as well as the importance of keywords.

Video 6 - Developing a Keyword Strategy
In video 6 I'll help you understand how to choose appropriate keywords and keyword phrases. I'll look at internet marketing essentials such as the importance of quality (conversion) traffic over quantity of useless traffic. I'll also help you to use various tools and methods for researching keywords and keyword phrases, plus I'll help you with developing a keyword strategy.

Video 7 - Organizing your Website
Structuring your site content is important in determining your page ranking, and this is one of the elements covered in video 7. In this video I'll also look at the number of pages versus the amount of content per page, nesting pages, file names and the use of flash, frames and dynamic content.

Video 8 - Optimizing your Web Pages
Video 8 explains and demonstrates onsite optimization. I'll look at where to place keywords on the page, page title tags, page headings, page text, links and tag text. I'll also provide demonstrations to help you gain insight into keyword precedence, keyword weight and META description tags.

Video 9 - Links
Linking is another crucial aspect of search engine optimisation. Video 9 covers the importance of incoming and outgoing links, link text and location, exchanging and gaining links and how to establish an online presence.

Video 10 - Submitting Your Site
Video 10 goes through the steps to take to submit your website to search engines, directories and other high-traffic sources. I'll also explain the difference and why each of these contributes in unique ways to your overall ranking.

Video 11 - Monitoring Your Traffic
Traffic flow and an increase in the number of visitors to your website is one of the key outcomes from your efforts to boost your search engine ranking. Video 11 explains how and why you must monitor incoming traffic, the tools you can use to monitor traffic and how to adapt your SEO strategies based upon analysis of your traffic sources and patterns.

Video 12 - Additional Tips & Tricks
Video 12 will cover a few final key points, including some added information on the common Dos and Donts of SEO. I'll help you understand the problems of Meta Keyword tags, why you should NEVER spam your page with keywords and the importance of having quality content (not fluff) on your web pages.
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