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The Other Side Of List building is a 69-minute audio where I reveal my unorthodox list building tactics I've been using to boost my income beyond my wildest dreams. These tactics, when acted upon, will give you the upper edge in your market so you can swat competitors aside with ease.

Here Are Some Of The Covert
Listbuilding Strategies You'll Discover On This "Must-Have" Audio:

* Why I deleted my list of 120,000 people and started over (I basically violated this ONE rule of listbuilding - and since rediscovering it, made 10x MORE money with just 5000 from this "secret" list!)
* Think all you need are a bunch of names and email addresses to make money online? I tell you how he almost got thrown in jail for assuming this (and what you can do to prevent this from happening!)
* The stone-cold truth about what autoresponder to use to build your list (if you want to use a FREE autoresponder, then you're flushing money down the toilet!)
* What you need if you're going to catapult your list size (if you don't have this critical element, it will take you 10-times longer to build this "secret" list that will keep paying you over and over!)
* How I gave away a report for $1 and added over 20,000 people to my list in a week (Best part: your affiliates will love itand so will your bank account as you keep getting paid every single month!)
* A case study on how to use viral marketing to add over 10,000 people to my list (this was instrumental in me making over $3.2 million dollars in 2007 - and it was all because of this one "secret" tweak!)
* How I turned a three-year old presentation into one of my most potent lead generation tools (this was the basis for building my "secret" moneymaking list that will keep paying my kids when they grow up!)
* The most effective way to use direct mail and postcards to boost your list count (most of your competitors won't know what hit 'em!)
* ...and a WHOLE LOT MORE!

So What's It Worth To YOU To Be Able To Make $$$ By Sending Just 1 Email?

So Now You Have Two Choices:

1) You can be like the "other people" who are fixated on having a large list size - but don't make enough money to buy themselves a Big Mac meal at McDonald's every week.

2) Or you can learn how you can actually make $500, $1500, even $50,000 and MORE from your list. It's like swimming downstream along with the current - when you send your first email and watch the order notifications flood your inbox, it will seem effortless!

You see, insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over againand expecting a different result.

If you've been banging your head trying to make money online doing the same stuff, "The Other Side of Listbuilding" will give you fresh principles you can implement that'll make it easier to flood your bank account with cash.

So claim your copy right now, while it's still hot on your mind!

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