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Secure Your WordPress Blogs From Hackers. WordPress Secure Pro is targeted to users with 1 or more blogs that want extra protection on their blogs. WordPress Secure Pro will prevent any brute force attacks to your login section and most if not all Zero Day Exploits and other exploits involving usage of the wp-admin folder to gain access.

How often do you have to run WordPress Secure Pro?

Well you can either make the WordPress Secure Pro the page you always go to for log in to your blog, (that way your allowed IP will always be up to date), or just continue using your current WordPress /wp-admin like you always do, but when your IP changes you will be locked out until you visit the WordPress Secure Pro page again, then you will be granted instant access again.

I want to allow a few friends to use my blog, can this be done with WordPress

Secure Pro?

Yes on smaller blogs with less than 40 active users (meaning currently logged in users) would be best, WordPress Secure Pro was designed for blogs with up to 50 active logged
in users using the site at once. Just share the url of the WordPress Secure Pro page withthem, that will allow them to access the sites admin.

I run automated services or posting software, will this break the services?

If your software or services use the xmlrpc function then you will be fine. Software such as Rss2Blog, Post2blog, Smart Auto Blog all use this feature and therefore you will not
experience any problems.

Will users be able to signup to my blogs with WordPress Secure Pro?

Absolutely not! Users need access to the Admin area to signup, this completely defeats the security of the blog when protecting against Zero Day exploits that target the wpadmin
area. You can still receive blog comments if you dont require your users to register to comment. You can make accounts manually anytime you wish from within
WordPresss Admin dashboard.

WordPress Secure PRO allows a complete novice to install
hardened protection to any WordPress blog in mere minutes!

Installs In Just Seconds! - Complete with easy to follow guide and instruction video.

Super Easy To Use! - No programming experience required just upload a few files

Blocks Everyone!, except autorized user IPs from accessing the admin section!

Unlimited Install License! Use it on ALL your WordPress blogs with no extra fees!

Multi-User Friendly - Allows up to 50 different IPs at one time!

Requires WordPress Login - Before the IP can be added to the
allowed list, the user must login using their WordPress Username & Password

Automatically Detects New WordPress Password Algorithm - New Smart detection of portable password hash implemented in WordPress 2.5 and above and backwards compatible with older WordPress 2.x blogs!

Keeps Log File Of Last 50 IP Logins - For security tracking WordPress Secure Pro logs THE LAST 50 successful logins to a log file for review


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